Montana Mystery II  LbNA # 10094

Placed DateAug 14 2004
Location??, MT
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On their epic journey Lewis & Clark named many of the natural features they saw. Some were named for government officials, some for family and others for members of the corps of exploration. Two places on the expedition were named in honor of this corps member. Both of them were in Montana. Only one of these retains its original name today.

To locate this box you'll need to find an interpretative sign for this place. To help you: once you know the place, stop in at the Forest Service office (near the post office) in the nearby town (a county seat.) Ask for the brochure for the self guided tour of Lewis & Clark sites in the area.

While facing the interpretative sign look right and spot a lone juniper tree. Walk about 64 paces to this tree. Look right again and spot three junipers. Go to the middle juniper and look under some dead branches & duff on its south side for the letterbox.

Be careful walking! There is a lot of cactus in this area.