O Beautiful For Spacious Skies  LbNA # 10103

Placed DateAug 14 2004
LocationGrand Mesa/Mesa, CO
Found By Seashell
Last Found Sep 26 2011
Hike Distance?

From north to south, east to west, the spectacular beauty of this country lies before our eyes ever ready to take our breath away and touch us deep within. Spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountains majesties, fruited plains...where the pilgrims, settlers, immigrants, natives stood where we stand now, gazing out at the endless beauties of America.

The Grand Mesa National Forest was created by President Benjamin Harrison on December 24, 1892. It was originally called the Battlement Mesa Forest Reserve and was the third such reserve to be created in the nation.

William R. Kreutzer, the first Forest Ranger in the United States (appointed in 1898) spent much of his 41 year career on these Forests. He worked on the Battlement Mesa Forest Reserve from 1901 to 1905 and then served as the Forest Supervisor on the Gunnison National Forest from 1905 to 1920.

With the creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933, the Forest Service entered a kind of Golden Age. The CCC was one of the programs created by Franklin D. Roosevelt in an attempt to counter the effects of the Great Depression. It put thousands of young men to work performing a myriad of useful tasks on National Forests and other federal lands. These projects ran the gamut from road construction and construction of ranger stations, campgrounds and other recreational developments, to conservation efforts such as flood control, fence building and soil erosion prevention projects.

CCC camps sprang up almost overnight on National Forests across the nation and many were located on the Grand Mesa. The CCC constructed buildings at the Long Cone Guard Station and at Silesca, Ward Lake, Mesa Lakes and Collbran Ranger Stations, to name a few. They also built most of the Lands End Road on the west end of the Grand Mesa, and numerous trails and campgrounds on the three forests. Many of these improvements are still in use.

As you drive across the Grand Mesa on Highway 65, watch for the Land O Lakes Viewpoint turn off. (Note.. if you are driving south, the sign for the turn-off fell victim to a winter snow plow! You will need to look for the sign for the northbound lane!)
Park in the parking area then follow the paved trail until you reach the top. No matter which direction you take on the path, you will eventually reach the top.
Stand at the informative sign that has you looking to the East. Island Lake will be on your left.
Isn't this a spectacular view? Oh beautiful, for spacious skies!
Face 250 degrees.
Walk 29 steps.
You should be standing on or near a large, flat rock.
The journal is tucked under the west side of the boulder, protected from view by some smaller rocks.

PLEASE rehide this carefully...make sure the rocks cover it so that it is completely hidden from view!

A hand carved stamp.
A handmade journal.

Easy for strollers, possibly wheelchairs (I'm not sure about the width of the trail).
An easy hike through the trees and the view is worth every second of it!
You should be able to hike up to it in 15 minutes or less.

Placed by The Splendid Buccaneers!