Blackberry Gully  LbNA # 10110

Placed DateAug 15 2004
CountySanta Clara
LocationLos Altos, CA
Planted ByFlying Pigs    
Found By deniserows
Last Found Nov 15 2011
Hike Distance?

Reported missing May 2007. We will update soon.

Short walk
Easy (good for kids)

Note: #1 in a series of two letterboxes. See bottom of clues for continuation instructions.

Blackberry Gully

In the summer months, this hidden treasure is the best-kept secret in town. Lush blackberries! Few people realize that in times past steel wheels ground the rails through here.

If you are driving, a good starting place is the intersection of San Antonio Road and El Camino Real in Mountain View. Follow El Camino Real north toward Palo Alto. Turn left onto Los Altos Avenue. Drive for 0.3 miles. Park your car near the intersection of Los Altos Avenue and a street named after a favorite drink you might find at a Mexican restaurant.

Get out of the car, look for a path where no cars are allowed, and walk along the path, following the signs toward Palo Alto. Cross an unmarked street and take a drink at the drinking fountain on your right. Continue along the path until you cross the bridge over Adobe Creek. Stop at the white post at the end of the bridge.

Look down and notice the painted yellow stripes on the path. Count 8 yellow stripes then turn 90° to your left. Duck under the fence and walk down the path (be careful!) to the creek bed that is dry 10 months out of the year. Once you are standing in the creek bed, turn to your left and walk 30 paces. You should now be directly under the bridge. Continue about 6 more paces in the same direction. To your left, there is a clump of trees growing on the creek bank. Climb up onto the small natural platform in the middle of the clump of trees. In a hidden nook in the hollow of the trees, you will find what you seek!

Please return the letterbox back to its hiding place and be sure to cover it back up with sticks/leaves.

About a 0.5 mile walk, round trip

If you'd like a longer walk, continue on to the Cranky Donkey letterbox. If you do both boxes together, it is about a four mile round trip walk. These two boxes together make an excellent bike ride for middle-sized kids. You'll be on a dedicated, stand-alone bike path with no car traffic anywhere to be found.