Retzer Nature Center  LbNA # 10128

Placed DateAug 14 2004
LocationRetzer Nature Center, Waukesha, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Oct 19 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 26 2015

Box replaced October 10, 2015.

Florence Retzer, who bequeathed this property to Waukesha County, loved following butterflies through the nature center. On this particular day you will be following one such butterfly through the nature center. Your first spotting occurs at the Retzer Nature Center map where the butterfly begins down the path to the left and follows the four-color post and yellow slat "road" out of the trees and into an opening. Here at the crossroad, the butterfly heads off at a bearing of 120 degrees.

She comes to a post marked with a "22" on her left side, and notices a railing and bench just ahead. She flies up to the bench and takes a moment to enjoy the spectacular view, hoping you are enjoying it as much as she is. From the bench, she finds 310 degrees and flies down the path.

At the intersection, she takes a left. Upon coming to the "7" post she takes a right and passes "Canada". She stays right at the "12" post and after following this path for a while, comes across a yellow "16" post and takes the next left turn. The butterfly comes to an intersection and takes another left, following the red path and then crosses a tractor trail and heads into the woods with you close behind.

In the woods, and enjoying the sites, she comes across an "Improving Waters" sign and takes a left. Just past the red "7" post, she takes another left. A little while after a rock wall to the right, she notices a trail at 284 degrees. The butterfly realizes this trail was very easy to miss and hopes you will see it - the railing to the left and tree to the right mark it pretty well.

Now on the purple trail, the butterfly is enjoying her flight when she comes across a beautiful overlook. She flies up the stairs and enjoys the site of the nature center. While you are enjoying the view, the butterfly decides to play hide-and-seek. When you turn to follow her, she is gone. Standing at the top of the stairs, before you turn to go down, you will see a group of fallen logs that is ahead of you and to the left. There you will find the waiting butterfly, hiding under rocks and wood. Beware: there is a bit of barbed wire on top of the log pile.

Once done with the stamp, please rehide the box and cover it with the rocks to keep critters from carrying it away!!.

To get back to the parking lot, go back down the purple path to the railing and tree that had marked the purple trail. Turn right to head down the path in the direction that you were originally travelling - this will put you on the GREEN trail. After going up a hill, the path comes to an opening. Go left, which will take you just outside the tree line on the BLACK path. When you get to a T, take another left to head back into the woods. After a little while, you will end up back where you first entered the woods. Follow this RED/WHITE path to return to the trail head.