Top of the Park  LbNA # 10132 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 15 2004
LocationBirmingham, AL
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Hike Distance?

Well, this might not be a hike up Mt. Everest, but you will have to go to the highest point in Oak Mountain State Park. The clues are simple…find this location and use your compass to track down the box. At the land survey marker, face 135 degrees SE. Walk 15 paces to the volleyball sized stone that sits among the three trees. From this point turn to 250 degrees SSW and walk 16 paces to the medium sized stone that lies among a several small ones. Turn to 330 degrees NW and walk 27 paces. Now facing north turn to 245 degrees and look approximately seven feet in front of you. There you will see a medium sized flat rock that creates a shelf. Underneath the shelf, you will find the box. The trek up the mountain is very scenic and the summit is a great place to have lunch. As with any trip through the woods watch out for snakes and biting insects. In addition, bring plenty of water. The trails are moderately strenuous.

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