Centennial  LbNA # 10176 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 16 2004
LocationLeavenworth, KS
Planted ByMagiq    
Found By Outdoor Girls
Last Found Sep 2 2007
Hike Distance?

Letterbox is at Leavenworth Landing Park. Take highway 92 West into Leavenworth across the Centennial Bridge. Turn South on 4th Ave (also Hwy 7). Turn East (left if going south on 4th) onto Choctaw Street. The street terminates at the park. Turn right and park in the southern most parking lot of the park.

There are beautiful views of the Missouri river and the Centennial Bridge from this river-side park. This is one of the major historic landing sites on the river where boats loaded and unloaded freight and travelers heading west. A very nice location for a short outing. The walk is completely paved with benches throughout the park. There are children’s climbing areas in two places in the park. There is also a frequently traveled rail road track that will entertain kids of all ages! Several picnic tables. Leashed dogs are allowed. The box will require a walk of 1392 feet one way. This park is a part of the Lewis and Clark trail. There is an informational kiosk available in a covered area half way through the park.

****Hand Carved Stamp***
This is a relatively easy box that is friendly to kids and dogs. It is handicap accessible for the walking part, but the collection of the box is not handicap accessible.

From the southern most end of the park, follow the walking trail. Go under the railroad tracks. Follow the path north along the river. Past the historical marker of the 1893 Leavenworth bridge. Inside the building at this location is the Lewis and Clark informational kiosk. Continue along the path to the north past the covered wagon climbing area. Stop and view the centennial bridge in the distance towards the north, the bridge that this letterbox is named after. Continue past the large four-state map, past the buried train, over the wood bridge, towards the last bench in the circle. If you look over the hill towards the river you will see the current dock landing site. You will find the letterbox under a rock in the grouping of rocks by the metal fence. The specific rock can be found in front of the second post south of the corner. Corner-----Post ------ *Post*

This is a public park with lots of people passing through each day, please be very discreet about uncovering and recovering the letterbox. Do your stamping away from the hiding spot. Please make sure the letterbox stays double bagged and sealed tightly so that high water levels and rains do not damage it. Return the way you came or follow the path back. It is a lovely walk either way!

Please let me know when you find the letterbox and the condition it is in.
Please contact me if you have questions or comments: vlballard@verizon.net