My Old Kentucky Home  LbNA # 10207 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 15 2004
LocationShepherdsville, KY
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Take I-65 South to the rest area between 245 and 480. (Note: If traveling North on I-65, you'll have to get off at Exit 116 and turn around. There's no access from North 65.) As you pull into the rest area, bear left, to the "Cars only" parking lot. Park in that lot, and look for the flag pole in front of the main building. From that flag pole, take the path toward the front of the building, but bear left on the path that branches off toward the smaller building that houses the vending machines. Keep going on the path to the end of the vending building. At the end of the building turn right along the outside wall (in the grass, no path) and follow the wall to the back of the building that faces the big rig and RV parking lot. There is a holly tree/bush that touches the back wall of the building. If you go to the holly and turn to look out toward the parking lot, you will have a large evergreen blocking your view. (The evergreen actually touches the holly). The box is at the base of the trunk of the evergreen. Be very discreet when doing your thing, because anyone parked in the lot can see you if you're not careful. We pretended to be interested in the foliage of the surrounding trees and bushes. Also, you will have to climb under some low branches to get to it. Be sure to bring a stamp pad with you.

We hope you have enjoyed your search. It's not hard to find, but besides getting a new stamp to add to your journal, there is some really interesting tourist information available in the main building. We have lived here our entire lives and spent an hour checking things out and learning new things about our beautiful state. There are tons of maps and tourist guide books to places we have never heard of and a lot that we always wondered about. Good luck and be careful!