Train @ Bolton Notch  LbNA # 10220

OwnerBungalow Boxer      
Placed DateAug 19 2004
LocationBolton Notch, CT
Planted ByRush Gatherer    
Found By quiltjoy
Last Found Sep 9 2017
Hike Distance?

In 1808 the town of Vernon was split off from Bolton. Even so, Bolton still had two thriving centers, one called Quarryville and the other, Bolton Center. In 1895 the Connecticut Highway Department was created. In 1913 it was decided that a number of trunk line state roads were needed. Trunk line 13 was created in the present Route 6 corridor through Bolton Notch. The Norwich Turnpike then bypassed Bolton Center entirely. That move saved Bolton Center but proved to be the demise of Quarryville.

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Driving Directions: Drive to Bolton Notch, where Rt. 44 and Rt. 6 merge into I-384. Traveling *west (edited 8-24, thank you Eileen!!) on 44, you will merge onto I-384, and immediately after the guard rails on the right you will see a small Boat Ramp sign labled ‘Bolton Notch’ and a small dirt road off to the right. Drive down the road a short ways and park in the dirt parking area.

Clues: You will see the Hop River State Park Trail leading off to the East of the parking lot. This is a great level Hike-it or Bike-it trail. There is a bit of a climb at the end to get to the box.

A short ways down the trail you will pass through a great tunnel, where the train passed after Bolton Notch was widened. A short ways later you will pass through great cuts in the rock, and under a modern road/bridge. Passing through the last of the large rock cut-aways, you will see the quarried stone remains of an old bridge’s footings on either side of the trail.

Look to the left footing, just a short ways past it, there’s a tiny unmarked path switching back up the hill to the top of the bridge footing. Follow it up to the top corner of the bridge footing, and about six steps (careful near the edge!!) down the bridge retaining wall, *away* from the trail, you will find the Train @ Bolton Notch letterbox in the wall cavity, under some small thin rocks. After stamping in, you may return the way you came back to the parking area.

The Dawnlanders
Rush Gatherer and PowWow Dancer

Please enjoy but take care and do no harm to the contents of this box. Please seal and replace everything tightly, and re-hide this letterbox it so it can not be seen, in the same place you found it, so the next finders can enjoy it. Created by The Dawnlanders. Please see the website for more information on this great hobby.