Moose is Loose  LbNA # 10223

Placed DateAug 19 2004
LocationNortheast Harbor, ME
Found By FelixPezGirl
Last Found Aug 15 2014
Hike Distance?


Our dog, Moose the Wonder Beagle, has broken free and is running loose in Northeast Harbor. Help us find her by checking Moose’s favorite spots.

Moose’s Favorite Spot #1
Drive into Northeast Harbor. Take a right onto Summit Road. Up ahead on your right is a small park beside the Union Church. This is Moose’s favorite spot #1.

To find the box=
Enter the middle of park and sit on the grindstone with your back to the road. At 10:00 you will see a small, trickling waterfall and a catching pool. Look to the hill above the waterfall and you will see a large rock that is split in half. Find your treasure in the crevice, covered with leaves and twigs. Use the convenient picnic table on the nearby hill to stamp-up.

Moose’s Favorite Spot #2
From letterbox#1, continue up the hill on Summit Road until you reach the the fork and take a right onto Millbrook Road. Follow this road for a bit until it starts to take a sharp, blind corner to the right and take the left off that corner- Manchester Rd. Take a left onto Manchester Road and drive approximately 0.1miles until you see a small field with a walking path and breathtaking views of Sommes Sound on your right. This is Moose’s favorite spot #2.

To find the box=
Facing the gorgeous view, stand and read the note on the wooden post in the field. You will see a young tree with many trunks on the right edge of the field. The box is hidden at the base of that tree, in the middle of the trunks. Please be discreet and rehide carefully as I have lost the box here three times already! Enjoy the views (but obey the owner wishes and please DO NOT attempt to head down to the water) before continuing on to Moose’s favorite spot #3.

Moose’s Favorite Spot #3
From letterbox#2, continue driving straight on Manchester Road. After about 0.5mi Manchester Road will round a sharp corner and become South Shore Road. Very shortly after this sharp corner, you will see a gorgeous little cove on your right with mini scenic overlook. This is Moose’s favorite spot #3.

To find the box=
From the mini scenic overlook, look across the water to the left shore. Look for a pine tree that is bald in the middle-that is your destination. Make your way down to the water. Go along the shore to the left, until you find the large, bald in the middle tree, where branches hang out overhead as you walk along the shore and with roots that seem to be eroding away. You will find the box in the roots behind/above the tree, covered with pink/orange stones.