Mr. Moody Visits Chippokes Plantation  LbNA # 10226 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 6 2004
LocationChippokes State Park, Surry, VA
Planted ByFoster-4-Pk    
Found By turtlelove
Last Found Sep 19 2010
Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedJul 3 2016

UPDATE 7/3/16: I've adopted this specifically to retire the listing. The letterbox has been missing for a long time and the hiding spot/object where it was planted has been removed by landscapers. If anyone feels this is in error, let me know and you can have the listing. - Mike

Sleepy Guy is resting in Chippokes State Park, the site of Chippokes Plantation which has been continuously farmed since 1670. There is also a picnic area, playground, and a trail down to the historic James River. There is a nominal entrance fee of $2 - $3.

Terrain: 1
Difficulty: 1
Sneakers: Recommended
Insect Repellant: Recommended, especially after rain

Directions to Sleepy Guy:

In order to solve this, you need to know all the angles.

After entering the park follow the signs to the Mansion House.

Begin your search on the Mansion grounds. Stand near the large tree at the back right corner of the gift shop. Facing southeast from the tree, walk through the angle formed by the two rows of crepe myrtles. (If you have a compass, follow an azimuth of 140.) Don't get caught stepping in the flowerbed. Continue walking straight, bisecting the angle formed by the walkways. Continue seven more steps as you are looking at the small forked tree. Then go five more steps past the forked tree. Mr. Moody is napping under the "rock."

After stamping, replace carefully without attracting the attention of non-boxers.

Please e-mail us at to update us on Mr. Moody's repose.

Be sure to check out the other 3 letterboxes (placed by "Renee") and a "surprise" located in Chippokes State Park. (Visit for clues to the other boxes)