Uva-Ursi  LbNA # 10229 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 20 2004
LocationFort Collins, CO
Planted ByWilderwomn    
Found By Front Range Hiker
Last Found Jun 2 2007
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is the third in the Fort Collins Art In Public Places Letterbox Series which will take you to various outdoor art exhibits.

1. Find a street named for a tree that pancakes cannot live without.

2. Find a street named for the closest town north of Fort Collins.

3. Between these streets there lies a place to inspire green thumbs in dry lands.

4. Once you find this place, enjoy the two different art pieces in place here. Enjoy your surroundings. Notice the signs pointing out things of interest.

5. Find a sign that has a name on it which includes three K's, four N's, and four I's.

6. Once you have located this sign and what it refers to, you will find the letterbox just above it, hidden under some evergreen branches.

Please make sure to replace the box as you found it, covered just a bit with mulch. Please make a slight indentation in the mulch below the box so it won't tend to slide downhill to where it could be seen by all.

Also, since this is a pretty public place, please be discreet. There are benches nearby where you can stamp in. Leave a message for my five year old daughter (Rosegirl) in the journal if you wish - she'd love it! Maybe let her know what city/state you are from.

If you want, email me when you find the box. Thanks!

After you are done, head east just a block or two for margaritas, good food and maybe some ice cream! Head north a few blocks for parks and trails!

Planted by Wilderwomn and Rosegirl.

A handmade stamp.
A handmade journal.