Sea Ranch - Pebble Beach  LbNA # 10271

Placed DateAug 17 2004
LocationSea Ranch/Gualala, CA
Planted ByToucan    
Found By WrongwayRobin
Last Found Mar 25 2008
Hike Distance?

Terrain – about .5 mile to the box. Narrow trail through firm pack dirt & sand. If after finding the box you want to walk on down to the beach, there is a staircase going down – but beware the last step is rather large.

This box is at a beach turn out called Pebble Beach near Sea Ranch on highway 1. The parking lot is managed by Sonoma Country Regional Parks, so there is a self-park fee of 4 dollars. Once paid I believe it is good for all the beach turnouts in the area. From highway 1, in the Sea Ranch area (either from North or South) watch the mileage markers – this turn out is at approximately mile 52.30. From the parking lot, walk down the path toward the beach. There will be a fern lined creek on your left. Continue strait past an intersecting trail. Keep going as this trail snakes past some homes on the right. Follow the “foot path beach” signs to the second thicket of trees where the trail dead ends into a T intersection. The trail marker (5th marker from the parking lot) at this intersection has a number 9 on it. (curiously no other markers appear to be numbered). Just before the intersection on your right as you face west there is a tree (I think it is a cypress). Look down for a mailbox shaped branch – at ground level. Just beyond that branch is an intersection of many branches. In the center of the crossing of branches there is a nest of leaves and twigs. Look under for a small letterbox.

Additional notes:
The turn out closes at sunset. Watch the sign for any actual posted hours as they threaten to tow cars left after closing. The beach appears to be dog friendly. After locating the box, enjoy a walk down to the beach to discover how it got its name. Watch for private property signs - you don't need to cross any to get to either the box or the beach.