Danger on the Great Lakes  LbNA # 10284

Placed DateAug 22 2004
LocationSheboygan, WI
Planted ByNellie    
Found By Movin'
Last Found Jun 18 2007
Hike Distance?


This is the third box in another Nancy Drew series for letterboxers.

This mystery takes place on the Great Lakes beginning in Chicago (on Lake Michigan) and winds up in Ontario, Canada (on Lake Erie).

Imagine you are tracking the voyage of the “S. S. Great Lakes” along with elite members of the press – Heidi, Russ, Mary, and Jim – as the country looks to them to provide updates of the events befalling this “cruise ship”. Each is gathering information for their respective reports whether it is before live cameras or syndicated pieces for the nation’s newspapers and magazines.

“There is one place I want to spend more time in,” Nancy said. “Door County, Wisconsin.” Nancy Drew, famous sleuth, just happens to be aboard the S. S. Great Lakes with her friends, Bess and George.

Recently, as the ship was steaming towards Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, it encountered heavy seas. As one of our reporters remarked, “These Great Lakes storms are as dangerous as storms on the high seas.” To add to the tumult, it is known that at least three very creepy individuals are believed to be on board. They are diamond thieves and are wanted as far away as Antwerp and South Africa.

Due to intelligence leads, an investigator from Interpol was assigned to the ship (posing as a member of the crew), however, he has suddenly turned up missing. It is believed he was washed overboard during the storm somewhere along the shores of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The question is: did he vanish from the ship as a function of the raging storm or forced into the seas by the hands of hooded bandits.

Join our investigators now as you enter the park and start your search. Others are present as well -- members of the NTSB, volunteer citizens from neighboring communities, and couples of sniffing bloodhounds as they comb the shore for clues of the disappearance.

After you park your vehicle, you will find yourself walking along a “cordwalk” in a southerly direction. After a while, you will encounter yet another parking area and proceed once again along the continuation of the cordwalk. Twilight is starting to fall, and you now notice Air National Guard helicopters aiming their beacons along the beaches and dunes for any clues they may uncover that those on the ground are unable to detect.

In the distance now – between the cordwalk and the beach – you spy a cluster of mature trees with their limbs outstretched toward the lake. Decades upon decades of strong westerly winds have twisted these trees into a peculiar position. Something tells you the base of this cluster needs investigating. You fall off the trail and discover a camouflaged ammo box buried under some brush. You discover within the box a satchel of sparkling stones. All at once you are both horrified and elated at your find.

What will you do? Abscond with the stones or report your find to the authorities? You and you alone know what you are beholding. You need to choose whether to become a hero or an amazingly wealthy person.

Listen up, here come those reporters – Heidi and Russ and Mary and Jim.

Act quickly.

If you decide to stamp up, kindly replace the box in a discreet fashion. If you make off with your little satchel, then, let it be on your conscience.