RED  LbNA # 10313 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 22 2004
LocationLoves Park, IL
Found By one-eyed frog
Last Found Apr 8 2006
Hike Distance?

This letterbox has been a fun joint effort by: Gray Family 5 (the carver), Little Ant and Parents (the hider and driver) and Happy Hippo (always happy when letterboxing with family and friends also known as the hider).

Red says, "Find me if you can!"

The main entrance to Rock Cut State Park is located off of Illinois Rt. 173 in Loves Park, Il. Follow the main entrance road pass Prairie Restoration area, pass Plum Grove Nature Preserve, Pass Lake View Picnic areas. Look for Julie + Mike(wish lovers and friends wouldn't display their affections of their unending love on public walls, etc. Maybe it's the challenge of it all!!!). Go over the noisy spillway bridge near the concession and boat launch area. Park in the lot near 3,4. (Hint: You might need to remember the numbers that are given to you.)

This is a great fishing and boating lake. Boat motors have a 10HP limit.

Walk to the brown hut then turn your back on the lake and take two times the HP limit number of steps away from the hut to the path on the left. Take the rooted path leading up. This path increases and decreases in grade. Keep the lake to the left. When you see a house with no walls, go stand in the middle. Face a parking lot and you will see a pump of sorts and numbers 1,2. Keep number 2 on you left and you will soon descend to a grassy spot and then on to the forest. (Lake is still on the left.) Soon you will need to make a decision. The correct decision will be starboard and within a few steps you will have the lake on the port side. The dirt path widens and curves to the left, making a slight climb. Please note a Grandaddy Maple. He is multi trunked - eight to be exact - on the left side of path. As you're looking at the tree please note a path that is to the left side. Take this path and begin to count the total number of the numbers posted on the buildings + the HP X 2. Begin counting and keep counting as you curve to the right. The Granddady has a twin brother minus 1. Look for me here and you will add to your collection beautiful red feathers.

Please remember to keep me well hidden so that the next letterboxer can have fun, too. Thank you!