2x2 Series  LbNA # 10333

Placed DateAug 20 2004
LocationYacolt, WA
Planted ByThe Brat Pack    
Found By heyokah man
Last Found Dec 16 2007
Hike Distance?

The Brat Pack went hiking 2x2x2 on the Bell's Mountain Trail.

This primitive, four-foot wide shared-use trail serves hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. It is accessed from the Moulton Falls Park trail that connects to Lucia Falls on the East Fork of the Lewis River. It can also be accessed from Rock Creek Campground, which is operated by the Department of Natural Resources.

Bells Mountain Trail begins about .2 miles in from Moulton Falls Park. Its hightest point near the north end is about 1500 feet. The trail goes through fir and alder forests with glimpses of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams.

This is a beautiful walk along the river. The 2 Brat Pack members with 2 sets of feet each enjoyed it as much as we did. Take water with you, there's none to be had up there and take a picnic lunch.

Each box consists of two stamps. One was carved by Pupp and one by Maiden. You'll need LOTS of room in your log book for this series. If you use 3x5 cards you'll want to take about 15 for this series.

We started walking at 2 minutes after 10 and got done 2 sets of 2 hours later. You should plan for about one set of 2, we had to stop and write clues and wait for 2 labs.

Park in the Moulton Falls parking lot. Walk along the road, across the foot bridge into the park. Follow the trail up the hill across the really HIGH bridge. (Hey, look 2 bridges). Keep on walking. You'll know you've come to the beginning of the Bell's Mountain Trail when you reach the kiosk. When we were there the 2 sides were both empty.

Box 1 - Not more than five sets of 2 steps BACK from the kiosk under 2 rocks. Be gentle, the rocks were heavy, don't want to squish the box.

Box 2 - Hike on my friend. Cross 2 streams and you'll see a 2 sided metal fence. Off to your right, 2 dead trees. At the base of the first dead tree is the box.

Box 3 - After a BIG rock jutting into the trail you'll see 2 medium size mossy rocks. Under the first mossy rock behind a smaller rock is box 3. (no need to dig, there's a nice crevice for the box to lie in, and quite possibly creepy crawlies, use your stick to pull the box)

Box 4 - 2 trees leaning out over the trail with a view of the train trestle. Straight across the road a single tree with a box at its base.

Box 5 - On the banks of the bay, across the trail you'll find two fallen logs lying STRAIGHT. Wedged between the second one and a standing tree is box 5.

Box 6 - 2 benches where the trail splits in 2. Behind the 2nd set of 2 rocks under the nurse log is the last box in the 2x2 series.

Hope you enjoyed the walk. Take a rest and then enjoy the view of the river on the way back!