Fun At The Falls (Adoptable)  LbNA # 10343 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 20 2004
LocationThurmont, MD
Found By Mommo
Last Found Jul 30 2007
Hike Distance?

Box first aid needed.

These boxes are loated in Cunningham Falls, and it's a great, easy hike for small children. To get there, directions are available on

Once in the park, park in the left hand lot to the falls trails (to the waterfall). Take the low trail to the falls, or for a challenging hike, the cliff trail to the falls, enjoy the view, and start your search from the boardwalk that leads to the lookout point with benches, heading back to the parking lot on the low trail.

Along the trail, there are several educational signs. Find the one that teaches about poisonous snakes. Look left, to see a large boulder. From the sign, it is 15 paces to the boulder. Go around to the back of the boulder, and look under the shelf under a pile of rocks and leaves. There you will find Lavender's Woodstock box! Be discreet, you can still be seen from the trail behind the boulder!

From Lavender's Woodstock box, go back to the trail, heading towards the parking lot. Count 4 red triangles along your way. Look left to a big tree, from the big tree walk 3 paces to a tree marked JP+VP, from this tree walk 10 paces to a tree with a hollow and a smaller tree growing from it's roots.

In the hollow covered by bark and a rock, you will find Japanese Woman's Dragon box! Again, be discreet - this one is really visible from the trail! Hope you enjoyed the walk!