Pine Creek Series #1  LbNA # 10351

Placed DateAug 22 2004
Location???, PA
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 7 2012
Hike Distance?

In the great canyon of the keystone state, your natural treasures await.
Downstream a few miles from Rattlesnake Rock there is a village smaller than a city block.
In this village you will find a store. Even a campground and inn, but little more.
Disembark from your car; it's tough to find a spot. Onto the trail you go - now you're getting hot.
From this town named after the wood of a chest, which direction on the trail??? Upstream would be best!
Enjoy the peaceful scenery and wildflowers as you go, knowing that this valley was once filled with a whistle's echo.
The quarry you hunt, if you follow our plan, lies just south of a large iron span.
From a position on the western corner of the deck, 10 paces* at 304 degrees furthers your trek.
Spinning your body to 192, a pace for each letter of the alphabet will do.
Adjust your direction now less two degrees from the first. For the quarry you seek, 30 steps to quench your thirst.
A large stone at your feet covers the spot where you will locate your lot.
A hibernating animal has chosen a place under the northeast corner of this secluded space.

* a pace or step is each footfall. That is, LRLRL would be 5 paces or steps.
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