Pine Creek Series #3  LbNA # 10353

Placed DateAug 22 2004
Location???, PA
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 8 2007
Hike Distance?

Now that we're finished with all this fodder, let us go hunt up an otter!!!
From the village with the cute little store, by the way, talk to the Dodd's, get some Perry's and more!!
Head south on the trail with the creek on your right, a half hour at a snails pace on a bike.
Cross the creek of a name from biblical lore and continue to travel through the sycamore.
A few minutes more at a pace not harried, you'll pass the place where old engine 137 is buried.
With the mountain on your left and camps across the way, cross the bridge then stop to embrace the day.
This beautiful stream, we know not its name - head up it's little valley to locate your game.
A short way up this wooded trail, perhaps 200 feet, there comes a place where the rocks seem to reach out to greet.
Align yourself with the large tree on your right - due south 9 paces wil put a rock in sight.
A triangle shaped stone marks your prize - just near your right foot, if your pace is the right size.
Lift up the stones and unearth your gift - the otter plays on your pages and gives your spirits a lift.

This is probably the hardest one to find - I hope we didn't put you in a bind.
If you're having trouble we'd invite you to give us a call, but the chance of getting a cell signal is small.
Don't forget that a pace is when any foot falls, be it left or right but don't make them too small!
We're coming back in October to place some more boxes - maybe deer, turkey or foxes!!!