Memorial  LbNA # 10388 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 21 2004
LocationLeavenworth, KS
Planted ByMagiq    
Found By Beach Gardens Academ
Last Found Oct 8 2007
Hike Distance?

Letterbox is at Veterans Administration Park in Leavenworth, Kansas. Take highway 92 West into Leavenworth across the Centennial Bridge. Turn South on 4th Ave (also Hwy 7). Turn East (left if going South on 4th) on Limit Street. At this corner is an Eckerd drugstore and a Wendy’s. Follow Limit until you see the sign for the park on your right, just before the “Not a thru street” sign. Turn right into the park and find a parking spot in the second parking lot on the left. Follow the clues from there.

This letterbox was placed in memory of my grandfather, Charles V. Heintzelman, who died of natural causes in December of 2001. He is a veteran of World War II and retired from the Veterans Administration supply office there in Leavenworth, KS. He is currently buried in the Veterans Administration Leavenworth National Cemetery. He was an admired and well loved man, his family misses him dearly.

The veterans’ administration and national cemetery properties are very beautiful and fun to drive through and do not require identification checks for security. The park is equipped with picnic tables and a covered eating area and one barbeque. Dogs and kids are welcome to this quiet picnic spot.

The box will require a walk of around 200 feet over hilly terrain.

****Hand Carved Stamp***
This is a relatively easy box that is friendly to kids and dogs.

From the only covered picnic area in the park. Head east all of the way down the hill to the clump of trees a bit to your right. The large black walnut tree that is the closest to the woods contains your prize at its base, on the side facing away from the parking lot. Under a bunch of leaves and sticks. Use a stick to remove the leaves, and please return the letterbox as you found it.

IMPORTANT CAUTION: Please be cautious of poison ivy in the area. There isn’t any on the location of the box when it was originally placed, but it may grow there sometime in the future or may be present if you look in the wrong spot. Poison ivy has three leaves with a red stem and tends to grow in vines on the trunks and branches of trees or around the ground, so please use caution when searching this area.

Please make sure the letterbox stays double bagged and sealed tightly so that running water and rains do not damage it. Return to the main entrance the way you came or meander around the VA property to enjoy the rest of the views.

Please let me know when you find the letterbox and the condition it is in.
Please contact me if you have questions or comments: