St. Mary's  LbNA # 10389

Placed DateAug 21 2004
LocationLeavenworth, KS
Planted ByMagiq    
Found By dakewlone
Last Found Aug 24 2008
Hike Distance?

Letterbox is at University of St. Mary at Leavenworth, Kansas. Take highway 92 West into Leavenworth across the Centennial Bridge. Turn South on 4th Ave (also Hwy 7). Go almost all of the way through town. Past the Mc Donald’s, Plaza Shopping Center, K Mart, and St. Johns Hospital. Turn West (right if going south on 4th) onto Katie Mika Lane. It is not the main entrance into the college, it is a smaller entrance. If you see the large sign for the Sisters of Charity you have gone too far. Across the street from the entrance is Meyer Veterinary Hospital and the Plaza professional building. Follow the clues from here.

The University campus is a beautiful drive and has walking trails for a nice place to exercise. The architecture and religious artifacts are beautiful and amazing on this campus. This is a very nice location for a short outing. Leashed dogs are allowed. The box will require a walk of around 30 feet over unlevel, rough and rocky terrain. The main highway that the university fronts is on the Lewis and Clark Auto Tour.

****Hand Carved Stamp***
This is a relatively easy box that is friendly to kids and dogs.

Follow the brick drive past the pond, the soccer fields up to the one-way circle drive with a fountain in the middle. Before you pass Xavier Hall find a place to park. To the south west corner of the circle drive there is a large crucifix with statues of the holy family. Behind this area is a Grotto. Walk to the front of the Grotto. When looking at the front of the grotto the baseball fields and two stone benches should be behind you. There are stones along the ground coming out of each side of the grotto. You will find the letterbox under two medium sized stones between two large boulders to the left of the grotto opening along the ground.

This is a public area with lots of students passing through each day, please be very discreet about uncovering and recovering the letterbox. Do your stamping away from the hiding spot. Please make sure the letterbox stays double bagged and sealed tightly so that running water and rains do not damage it. Please try not to crush the box with the stones when putting the box back, please let me know if the box is broken. Return to the main entrance the way you came or meander around the campus to enjoy the rest of the views.

Please let me know when you find the letterbox and the condition it is in.
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