Olympic Pentathlon  LbNA # 10395 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 25 2004
LocationMission Viejo, CA
Found By tiggermama
Last Found Sep 12 2009
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This is a series of five Olympic-related letterboxes hidden along a pleasant three-mile stroll around a suburban lake in our beautiful home town of Mission Viejo. This stroll features gardens, parks and views of the lake. Most of these boxes are small, and none have inkpads. Some of them are magnetically attached.

To get to the start-off point, take the Alicia Parkway exit from the 5 freeway in Mission Viejo. Go east on Alicia a few miles until you get to Marguerite Parkway, where you will make a left turn. Look for a small shopping center (Plaza del Lago) on your right, on the corner of Marguerite and Vista del Lago. Park here.

Begin your walk by heading south (left) on Marguerite.

Keep walking south on Marguerite until you reach Alicia and then turn left. On the left side of the street you will enjoy a great view of Lake Mission Viejo (wonderful for swimming, boating and fishing), but keep your eyes peeled for an aerial photograph of the lake. The box is hidden on the underside of the photo.

Once you find the swimming box, continue along Alicia heading east. This is the longest and hardest leg of the Pentathlon. As you reach the crest of the hill, you will see a number of cyclists of different colors. Climb the nearby steps and be sure to admire our many home-town Olympians. Head up the next set of steps and listen for the sound of running water. Find the source of the water and go behind the wall. The box is hidden on the bottom side of the electrical box.

From the canoeing box, stroll north through Olympiad Park. Pass through the rose garden (yes, stop and smell them)and look for an arrow piercing a sphere. (If you see a playground or a statue of Flo-Jo, you've gone too far.) Once you find the arrow, follow the direction of its flight. The box is hidden under the small hedge. (On our last check of this box, we found that the arrow-in-globe sculpture is missing. We don't know if it will be replaced. So, from the whitewater box, head north through the gardens. Stay on the gravel paths, and you will end in a circular grouping of benches with an empty pedestal in the middle. The box is under the smaller hedge behind the northenmost bench.)

Head north some more, pass the statue of Flo Jo and head down the hill along Olympiad. You will pass Station 31 and Melinda. On your right, down a hill, you will see a sports complex with lots of baseball diamonds. Continue along Olympiad and pass by the blue steps that lead down to the baseball fields. Watch on your right for the driveway that enters the park. Along the drive is a wooden fence. The fencing (get it?) box is hidden in the first fencepost.

You're almost there; in fact you can see the finish line from where you've found the fencing box. Just keep going on Olympiad until you get to the Olympic cycling finish line. Go to the northern post of the finish line. On the other side of the sidewalk, you will see what looks like a dirt path that heads into the bushes and trees. Follow the path, which will become a concrete drainage canal. You will see a pipe crossing the canal. The cycling box is hidden where the pipe runs under the bushes on the left side.

Congratulations, you've finished the Olympic Pentathlon. Just continue up Olympiad, turn left on Marguerite, and you will soon be back where you parked your car.