On the Trail of the Delaware Blue Hen  LbNA # 10418

Placed DateAug 6 2004
LocationLewes, DE
Found By geckospot
Last Found Jul 30 2008
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On the Trail of the Delaware Blue Hen

The Blue Hen Chicken is the state bird of Delaware. This dates back to the American Revolution when the Delaware soldiers were likened to the Fighting Blue Hen cocks they carried with them. Do you think you can find a blue hen in Cape Henlopen State Park?

Begin your search at the parking lot for the Great Dune Overlook. Find the head of the Pinelands Nature Trail. The Pinelands Nature Trail is a lovely loop trail through pine barrens, moving sands, natural bogs and old WW II installations. It is a wonderful place for bird watching so you might want to bring your binoculars. The complete circuit takes about an hour.

Hike down hill through a stand of scrub pines. Pass through a grove of loblolly pines and travel over a bridge. In July you might find bluberries here and in early fall notice the wild cranberries turning red on your right. At the double arrow, go right. Keep your eyes peeled for a wall of treated logs running parallel to the trail. At the end of the log embankment the trail takes a sharp turn to the right. Line up with the logs and continue 10 steps down the trail. Your quarry lies above you on the right, nestled between two loblolly pines.