The Frog Prince  LbNA # 1043 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 1 2003
LocationSalisbury, NC
Found By Krickster
Last Found Sep 11 2010
Hike Distance?

Rating: Easy
Time: 20 minutes

The Salisbury Greenway Park is a magical place, full of strange and mysterious creatures. Sadly, our unfortunate Frog Prince is imprisoned somewhere in the park and under an awful spell. Find him and free him from his prison and his spell!

  1. Park at Overton Elementary School and enter the Greenway from there. Follow the paved path until you get to the covered foot-bridge. Don't cross the bridge because there's a terrible, ugly, one-eyed troll living underneath. If he hears you crossing his bridge, he'll come out and get you!
  2. At the entrance to the Troll's bridge, turn right and look east into the field. There is a tall man-hole standing in the field, go to it and look closely at the cover where you will find a Magic Number.
  3. Stand beside the Magic Number and take your first compass bearing. The bearing you want is 40 plus the Magic Number. Take 68 long steps (34 paces) and you will find a small pile of rocks. Approach the rocks quietly so you won't disturb the family of Gnomes that live underneath.
  4. At the Gnome's home, take another compass bearing. The new bearing is 3 times the Magic Number PLUS the "Unlucky Number" (The day was truly an unlucky one when our poor Prince was turned into a frog!).
  5. Following your new bearing, take 20 steps (10 paces) then stop. You will find our Frog Prince to your left, under a rock. If you brought a damsel with you, be sure she kisses the frog to free him from his spell!
  6. After you finish stamping in, please be careful to repack the letterbox and hide it well.

If you still have time after rescuing our Prince, you might consider exploring the area west of the paved path; it is Catawba College's 189-acre Ecology Preserve which is a significant educational and natural resource. There is a small lake and other areas created especially for environmental study and research. Bring your camera and binoculars and enjoy the wildlife!

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