Bark Beetle Nemesis  LbNA # 10430

Placed DateAug 15 2004
LocationStanley, ID
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Jul 5 2012
Hike Distance?

Hike: about 5 minutes to box, not stroller friendly as you will be walking over fallen trees. Restrooms and picnic area at Day use Area A. Dogs OK.
Not good trailer parking but RV parking OK. A 3-season box due to snow. Great Forest Service Campgrounds at North Shore, Smokey Bear, etc.
Lake Alturas is almost the perfect lake: sailing, water skiing, kayaking, fishing, nice beaches at both ends. Not as crowded as Redfish Lake.
Nearest city: Stanley or Smiley Lodge.

Directions: From State road 75 heading north from Galena Summit on way to Stanley, Id, turn off at Lake Alturas, just past Smiley Lodge complex and the Historical Sign for Sawtooth City. Drive into Day Use A parking area near Lake Alturas and cross the road towards the bridge, either walking in the creek (if late summer and the water level is low) or take the faint path that is set back from the creek that is nearest the Day use side of bridge.

Biologists state that the Bark Beetle is a naturally occurring part of the forest’s life cycle. We think those beetles have done enough damage to the forests and have imported a symbolic cure for the Bark Beetle. Find our letterbox and make a stand against the Bark Beetle by stamping in our letterbox and. taking the image of the Bark Beetle Nemesis with you to on your travels through the forest.

Clues: Cross the asphalt road walking toward the bridge and take the faint path that is set back from the creek, up stream towards Perkins Lake. (Don’t cross the bridge and take that other path along creek!)

The path will disappear among the fallen logs but keep heading upstream and the path will reappear as you reach the pond area where the creek widens out considerably. The path will veer to the left but keep going straight towards pond/creek area crossing over 2 very large logs. You will need to work your way through some brush to the edge of the creek/pond confluence and start your search for the box there on the pond’s edge. There may be some grassy islands in the pond and some fallen logs near the edge. You may just be able to make out Perkins Lake in the distance and perhaps a grayish rooftop. Set back from the bank
at the confluence is a lone living pine tree about 25 feet tall. The box is hanging from a branch on the side of the tree about 5 feet up. When we were there in mid August the access was fairly easy but springtime will bring wetter conditions in the area.

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