Catch Me in Ketchum  LbNA # 10431 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2004
LocationKetchum, ID
Found By Airmail
Last Found Jun 11 2009
Hike Distance?

Wood River Bridge between Hailey and Ketchum, Id

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this area! The fishing is great, the scenery is super and there are all sorts of shopping and eating experiences in both nearby towns. Did we mention the skiing, biking and hiking?

Visit Ketchum and then do practically a drive by for our box on the bike path near St. Luke’s Hospital. Stroller and dog friendly,
not much parking for RV’s or trailers but you could park near the bridge, off the road and make your way to the bike path.

Heading north bound from Hailey, turn left onto St. Luke’s Hospital Road and continue until the road heads back onto highway. Park in this area where you can and get on bike path and continue northbound, walking across the old rust colored bridge that crosses Wood River. The letterbox is located under the north corner of the bridge approximately 3 feet below the walking level of the bridge. It would be directly below the 3rd plank from the north end. Look under the metal support on the inside (bridge side) of the support, wedged in with a few rocks and the box is also secured with magnets. Please be careful about returning the box to the proper spot and be sure passers by are not observing you.

When researching our clues please be aware that when previous searchers list “ATTEMPTED” on the clue sheets it may reflect more on their abilities as finders than indicate whether the box is viable or not. We do monitor our clues and boxes pretty well and appreciate the notes written to us by those that find or attempt our letterboxes.

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