The Turtle Lagoon Letterbox *MISSING*  LbNA # 10441 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 21 2004
CountyNew London
LocationJewett City, CT
Found By wyassuplake
Last Found Oct 5 2005
Hike Distance?

The Turtle Lagoon Letterbox *MISSING*

=[ I'm bummed.

But I am going to carve a new one! =]
Soon. I'll letchya kno when. ;]

Less than 1/2 Hour.
All Level Ground
Great Sights.

Bring your own inkpad. And possibly a bathingsuit and a towel for a swim at the state beach after your hike. You might want to print ''The Camporee hideout'', and the ''frog at pond'' letterbox directions because they are hidden along the hike.

From I-395 north of Norwich, CT, take exit 85 and head east on Rte. 138. Turn left at the Hopeville Pond sign, and then left again when directed and enter the park on your left right after you pass the baseball fields the baseball fields.

This letter box is located at Hopeville Pond Campground in Jewett City/Griswold, Connecticut.

When you get to the campground, park your car out side, in the nearby parking lot. Walk through the toll and go until you get to a log cabin that enters the campground. Where you will be near some big green dumpsters. Take the furthest right in the campground, and walk until you see a bridge in the woods, keep going until you come to a bend in the road where a second bridge is. Cross that bridge and go left passed a small fishing dock until you get to a "T" in the path. Go Right to a 4 trunked tree. Then go left, and continue straight and pass a small swampy body of water to your right. Keep straight until you come to a grassy clearing. Head towards the Road to where you see a sign that says, "No Pets or Picnicing in the campground." sign. Turn right onto a path where a stone wall is infront of you. Go to the otherside of the rockwall, on the path, turn left. Take 6 steps into the rock wall, and move a small rocks, and your treasure awaits deep inside the wall. Now just turn around and walk down the road to your car. On your walk back you will see the state beach.

Please let me know how my box is doing! Thanks!
Ryan-Kayaking Fisherman