Popham Beach  LbNA # 10477

OwnerSilver Fox-Piping Pl    
Placed DateAug 24 2004
LocationPopham, ME
Found By bugbobo
Last Found Aug 15 2013
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located at Fort Baldwin in Popham, Maine, The Popham area is an explorers paradise !! Said by many to be the first colony in America. Old Fort Popham was built in 1861, a Semi-circular granite fort put there to protect the Kennebec River. Fort Baldwin was used in both World Wars one and two. Popham Beach State Park is a beautiful sandy beach, ideal for picnicing and swimming. Surf fisherman can also be seen along the beach, an ideal spot for Stripers and Bluefish...And did you know the Movie " Message In A Bottle" was filmed there ??


Take route 209 South out of Bath, Maine. Follow the signs to Popham Beach State Park. Continue past the park entrance for one mile. Turn left on to Fort Baldwin Road and go to the parking area at the top of the hill.


At the bottom of the trail to Fort Baldwin you will start
Across the street from where you must park

An important tip as you go along your way
Use lots of spray to keep the mosquitoes away

Trek up the hill a few hundred yards
The first barracks you'll find,that has no guards

Now just a bit further to the steps on the right
Go to the top, then straight out the last flight

The path that you want lies directly ahead
Into the woods is where you are led

Over moss covered stumps, rocks and roots
Maybe you should have worn your hiking boots ?

In and out of woods, but keep on this trail
Soon you should start counting, one, two, three,four circles with a rail

Stand in the center of the fourth, with the tower in view
And look to your right for your very next clue

There you will see a triple trunked tree
Three to four feet away, a rock can be found
The box you are seeking is in a crevice close to the ground

Please notify letterbox placer of your find and the condition of the letterbox....