Norwood Hill  LbNA # 10495 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 11 2004
CountySan Miguel
LocationNorwood, CO
Found By Kat
Last Found Sep 23 2004
Hike Distance?

Norwood Hill Letterbox

Placed by Jacob Johnson on 8/11/2004

Placed on a Nature Trail along the San Miguel River at the base of Norwood Hill.

Directions from Placerville, or Ridgeway Colorado. Take Colorado route 145 west toward Norwood Colorado. The road follows the San Miguel River on the left until you cross a bridge to approach Norwood Hill. After crossing the river, but before climbing the hill, park your vehicle and look back toward the river. On the east side of the road you will see a road curves sign, and a gravel road beyond the sign that leads to the nature trail.

Directions from Norwood Colorado. Take Colorado route 145 East down to the bottom of Norwood Hill. Park on the East side of the road under the road curves sign.

Walk ahead along the gravel trail past a Gate box numbered 36655. The gravel path rises in elevation, follow it past the gate box.

This Nature trail was dedicated by the Norwood class of 2007 (when they were in third grade) to the Preservation of San Miguel Watershed in May of 1998. These children will graduate high school the year that Jacob enters Kindergarten!

Read the signs along the trail that describe the type of life you can observe while hiking. Take time to enjoy the trail with its picnic table and shelter to visit further along the trail.

To locate the letterbox, veer to the left off the gravel trail to a steep path down the hill when you receive a warning about the dangers of life within. Listen carefully while you brave the path down the hill. There are a few steps built in to make the slope easier, but walk gingerly and be careful not to slip down the slippery slope! This is the most difficult part of the path.

There is a lightly warn path heading east from the slope toward a shimmering boulder.

As you stand on to the west of the boulder facing east, there are two rocks under a bunch of Box elder trees that cover the letterbox. When Jacob placed the box he became covered with ants, so be aware of the other forms of life that reside within.