Dr. Walter Reed House  LbNA # 10506 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 28 2004
LocationGloucester Point, VA
Found By girlguides
Last Found Jul 13 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is gone. The property caretakers replaced the fence rail where this was hiding and the box went out with the debris.

(Originally planted by Ghostcrabs in August 2004 and adopted in October 2007 by Leabhar).

Dr.Walter Reed's Birthplace

Directions: This is a very easy find, great for small children, strollers, and the elderly. 614 (Hickory Fork Rd) is about 4-5 miles north after you cross the Coleman (Gloucester) Bridge. 616 (Belroi Rd) is about 11-12 miles past the bridge. So, if you are coming from the bridge you will turn left onto either rd.

Brief History: Located at the intersection of Belroi Rd and Hickory Fork Rd is a small mid 19th century building authentically furnished. It is significant because it represents the early small rural dwellings once so common to Tidewater Virginia. One-story, three-bay, frame gable-roofed dwelling covered with white weather boarding and set on short brick piers. Reverend Lemuel Reed lived here with his family for a short time during his service as minister of the Methodist Church circuit in Gloucester. His fifth child, Walter Reed (1851-1902), born here, later became a doctor and while a member of the Army Medical Corp conquered yellow fever.

Clue: Standing on the step at the back door of the house, with your back against the door, look 45 degrees to your right. You should see a tall cedar tree (bush)(whatever) covering the corner of the fence. In the corner fence post, on top, you will find the Dr Walter Reed House Letterbox.

Hope you enjoyed the trip. Now visit more of the Ghostcrabs boxes. Two are in Beaverdam Park just a few miles away from Walter's place, two series (10 boxes!) are in Newport News City Park, and the one more in Westmoreland State Park located near Montross, VA (1.25 hours from Gloucester).

Happy Trails!