Poppa's Joy  LbNA # 10529 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 30 2004
Location?, IL
Found By Brat Pack IL
Last Found Aug 26 2006
Hike Distance?

There once was a little boy who grew up on a farm. His mother taught him many things, one being the love of gardening - especially roses. His father taught him about animals - especially horses. They both taught him about hard work, dedication, honesty and faith.

After more than 8 decades he still practices all that he has learned. AND above all he still loves roses. Currently, he has over 50 in his yard. He likes living at 4031 Isaiah, where the eagles soar. He is so much like them in strength, power, and dedication.

Today we call this "boy" Poppa!
A tribute to my dad: You're the best a gal can have. Thanks!

This entrance is located on the west side of Powis Rd. between Route 64 and Lake Street. Park near the 10 pillared house with the address of SH1. Standing at the west end of the house go 230 paces to an asphalt path. Down this path 55 steps to a crushed stone path. Down the crushed stone path walk 60 paces and don't turn, but go to the lake with the flagstone steps.

Continue on your way for 100 paces and if you desire you can fish a spell. Continue on for another 125 making a decision to go to the right pass 2 naked fingers pointing to the sky - they may be called home by something with feathers. Continue for another 150 paces. DECISION: turn left for 100 paces on a grassy, gravel path to a clearing, then count another 186 paces to a bridge. *Please note the closed area. This is a critical nesting area for the endangered species - Sandhill Cranes. Please observe from March thru September.

Crossing the bridge will take about 17 paces and then continue on your stroll for approxiamtely 240 paces to yet another decision. Turn left and go down this path for 162 paces. And yet another decision... turn right down a grassy, gravel path for 40 paces. Jump to the left for about 20 paces and jump left one more time. After your left jump go 175 paces keeping the open field to your right. You will notice a jump rail to your left. Turn toward rail and go 65 paces down path. Curve to the right and step off 25 paces. I really wanted to hide this treasure on the top of the little knoll with the grouping of trees which you should be facing. However, I believe that there is some unfriendly foliage hanging around this area. So make a turn to your right and go about 12 paces. STOP! Look to your right. Now go through the brush to a tree that's near the water's edge. I'm here!! Please keep me covered with my blanket of logs and sticks. Thank you.