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The Montville Indians Series  LbNA # 10537 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 31 2004
CountyNew London
LocationMontville, CT
Found By Dulcimer Dame
Last Found Nov 3 2013
Hike Distance?

These boxes are planted at the Montville Conservation Center by Kait. The stamps were carved by Bob. This series takes about 30-45 minutes and is rated easy, but there may be some muddy trails after rain.

Directions: On Route 85 North, turn right onto Chesterfield Rd. About 3.6 miles down this road turn left to the Montville Conservation Center.

From I-395 South take Exit 79 and turn right onto Rt. 163 North. After about 2.4 miles down the road turn left onto Chesterfield Rd. Approximately 0.6 miles down the road turn right to the Montville Conservation Center.

If your going I-395 North take Exit 79. Then turn right onto 163 North. Then follow this road and take a left onto Chesterfield Rd. About 0.6 miles down the road on your right is the Montville Conservation Center.

On Rt. 32 North or South go North onto Route 163. About 3.1 miles down the road turn left onto Chesterfield Rd. About 0.6 miles down the road, the Montville Conservation Center is on your right.

Clues: After parking your vehicle, face the the directory and turn left to the trail closest to your left. At the 1st intersection take a right. Continue on past the two benches. At the next intersection turn left. Continue on, passing a fallen tree in the middle of the trail. Shortly after this you'll see a small footpath bearing left, walk down this path. Just before stepping through the stone wall and the tree, turn left and walk to the stump. From the stump turn left and walk 4 steps. Underneath a flat rock you'll find your first prize hiding, waiting for you to seek it. Stamp in and rehide well. Backtrack to the main trail. Continue on this trail. Bear to the left and cross a bridge. Bear right. Keep walking. Now cross the little brook. (Don't worry there are little stepping stones) Be careful though don't get wet. Continue through going straight through the first intersection. At the next intersection turn right. About 25 steps down this trail, look to your right and you'll see a large tree with many limbs. Bushwhack to this tree. In the crouch of the tree you'll find your 2nd surprise piled under sticks and a stone. (You may have to stand on your tippy-toes, I did and I'm 5 foot 1 1/2 inch .)Stamp in and please hide well. Go back to where you came, (over the bridge) and take a left. Bear left past a large tree with many carvings. Keep going straight through. When you come to an intersection turn right. Walk down this path. After passing a broken stump and a tall tree, walk 12 steps forward and look to your right. Walk 20 steps to your right now to see a fallen tree right in front of you. Behind this fallen tree, you will see a two sistered tree. Walk behind it and find the your 3rd and final letterbox in the crevice of the tree's roots. Stamp in and please rehide well. Backtrack to the main trail. Turn right and go straight and before you know it you will be home.

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I hope you all enjoy this series! And have fun!