Symbol of Rockford  LbNA # 10575 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 1 2004
LocationRockford, IL
Planted ByLaughing Coyote    
Found By Jesus Freaks
Last Found Dec 30 2006
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Time: About 20 minutes
Status: Soaking Wet on 12/30/06

Begin your search at Sinnissippi Park located at 1401 N 2nd St in Rockford. Park in the lot across from the Sinnissippi Golf Course club house. There will be 2 large picnic shelters, #1 & #2, with a paved path. Follow the paved path towards the brown Music Shell.

Continue along the paved path, keeping the Music Shell on your right. Before the paved path curves to the right behind the Music Shell, there are 2 dirt trails to the left. Take the trail heading North-West, near a black chain-link fence.

Walk down the trail, over a dry creek bed. A maple tree stands on the right of the path, an elm stands to the left. Stand between these 2 trees. A "dam" is several yards ahead of you.

Look to your left at 170 degrees. A mighty oak stands in the woods, his fallen brother lays behind him. Walk to the mighty oak tree. Standing between the mighty oak and his fallen brother is an elm tree, growing from the base of the mighty oak. Your prize is nestled between the oak and elm.

Please re-hide the box well.

Rockford-area natives will be fimilar with this stamp. To visit the stamp's namesake, travel across N 2nd St to Sinnissippi Gardens and Bike Path.