Crazy Fish  LbNA # 10583

OwnerThe Herkies    
Placed DateAug 29 2004
LocationLouisville, NE
Found By Phil & Verla from OZ
Last Found Aug 25 2012
Hike Distance?

Current status as for February 18, 2007: The letterbox is gone . Replacement is not possible.


* The Crazy Fish letterbox is located in Schramm Park SRA , on the Platte river ( about 4 miles north from Louisville ).The park is well known for its aquarium, outdoor nature center and very old ( state's first ) fish hatchery. Park's pond is a home to geese, ducks and herons. Well maintained hiking trail ( 3 miles round trip ) is well marked.Parking is available right next to the trailhead.
* There is a park entrance fee for the park.


* From Omaha and Lincoln park is accessible from I-80. Take the Gretna exit ( 432 ) and drive about 6 miles south on highway 31 following the signs. Stop by the visitor center to get a park pass if you don't already have an annual permit. From the visitor center take a left back onto the highway and take the first left. The road will turn to the right. Follow the road until you reach the first parking lot on the left. A trailhead is right by the parking lot.


* Hike along the trail until you get to the "8" marker. Take a right and locate the meditation shelter. Sit in the middle of the bench within the shelter, look forward, and meditate.