Waterbearer  LbNA # 10601

OwnerTreasure Finders    
Placed DateAug 28 2004
LocationMorrison, CO
Found By CJAntClan
Last Found Mar 29 2008
Hike Distance?

ALIVE & WELL AS OF 10/30/04

Walking Distance: Approx 1 mile - round trip
Incline: Very minor to none
Kid Friendly: YES!
Dog Friendly: Yes
Time: Depends on how fast you walk =]

Getting There:
Make your way to Morrison. I believe the main road that goes through there is Bear Creek Avenue. We parked across the street from Garden Gate Herbs & Antiques. However, if you want a shorter walk, park off Soda Lakes Drive (there is a little dirt parking area)

Finding the Box:
We had to plant this box fast as some of the family had prior engagements this day. So, I hope these directions and spot are good enough to last.

Start out by leaving Morrison on foot (back to C-470). You will want to be on the south side of the street. Right before getting to C-470, the sidewalk turns to the right for a trail that goes under C-470. After to follow that curve the road will go to your left or right. Go Right. This sidewalk will turn into a narrow dirt path. At the end of the path it goes slightly uphill and then there is a guardrail. On your right there is a downward slope.. Go just past the last tree on your left. Head down towards the water... about 6-5 steps. You will see some rocks (when we were there the rocks also had rusted metal pieces around them). There are 2 large square bricks. Between the second brick and a black rock, you will find the Waterbearer resting under a few small rocks.

I am not sure how this box will handle the winter. Please make sure that the rocks brace the box enough so that the snow/water do not pull the box down the hill and into the water.

Please email me with the status of this box. dscott5377@earthlink.net