X Marks the Lot  LbNA # 10609

Placed DateSep 4 2004
LocationStorrs, CT
Planted Byhodsthorn    
Found By burning feet
Last Found Jul 19 2011
Hike Distance?

When I started carving stamps a couple of months ago, I bought some of the pink speedball material as well as some of the whitish material. What I rapidly learned was that the pink stuff is far better...but I had all this white stuff to get rid of. I played with a few design ideas, and I’ve learned that, for the white stamps, simpler designs are better. These stamps are in honor of the simplest game I know...

To find the stamps, begin at the place in Storrs where X marks the lot (watch out for parking restrictions during business hours). Go to the southeast corner of the lot, where a paved path leads south. Notice a short concrete marker a few feet to the right as you start on the path. Immediately after the first lightpost, turn right onto a wide dirt path heading west. Walk along this student-made shortcut for perhaps 100 feet. When the dirt path turns south, leave it and continue west along the loose stone wall (if school’s in session, you’ll notice that students aren’t always all that careful about cleaning up after themselves—I carried a full shopping bag’s worth of garbage out of this area without trying particularly hard). Follow the wall until it (along with the lot) ends at a second unbroken concrete marker. From the marker, sight 240° along a deer track and keep going. Close ahead to your right as you walk is a series of earth and debris mounds—find the southwestern end of these mounds and sight 210°. Walk 28 paces to a split tree with 9 slender trunks pointing skyward. "X marks the spot" is within its base.

From this point, walk northwest to the oak tree which has grown around a dead four-foot stump. From the oak, walk 5 paces southwest. You’ll come to a clear-cut strip for power lines. Look across the strip for a fallen log pointing to the electric pole to your left. From the base of this log, sight 165° and walk 33 paces to a flattish rock in the ground with a rotting log across it. From this rock, walk due south 60 paces to a three-sister tree with a log held between two of its trunks. Stand on the south side of this tree, sight 135°, and walk to a long fallen tree 36 paces uphill. Follow this tree to the ten-foot stump it left standing. "End Game" is at its base, under some bark and rocks. Please stamp in and re-hide well!

To return to your car, go back the way you came.