The Wizard  LbNA # 10621

Placed DateSep 5 2004
LocationWindsor, CO
Found Bymetalmilf666 (Attempted)
Last UpdateMar 27 2012


** The contents of this box including the stamp and log book have been taken. The box is now removed but will be replaced in the future. Please check back for updates.

This letterbox is the first in a series commemorating the history of Northern Colorado, and will take you to various outdoor historical sites.

In 1922 the Windsor, Colorado high school basketball team had lost so many games that the bigger schools in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Longmont wanted them out of the league. League officials gave Windsor an ultimatum to win just 1 league game, put seats in the gymnasium, and fix the football field, or get out of the league.

The following year Joe Ryan, an Army officer took the job to whip the boys into shape, fix the gym and football field, and win at least 1 league game. After many rebellions, Ryan won out and in 1923 the team won the state and regional title before finishing third in the U.S. Championships in Chicago. This performance, however, was outdone the following year (1924) with the U.S. Interscholastic Basketball Championship. It was the stellar play of the team at these championships that helped pen the new Windsor mascot. The Windsor High School “Bulldogs” name was rarely used in newspaper articles at this time due to the success, being replaced with the “Wizard” name. Chicago newspapers called the team “wizards” with the ball, thus leading to the mascot change that stands today.

This wonderful story written by 1965 Windsor graduate James Frazier can be read in it’s entirety at the following web site:
A movie is also in the works documenting this historic team from Northern Colorado.


1. Halfway between Fort Collins and Greeley is where you will find this town.

2. Along Main Street you will find a location where wizards are trained. Go to this location.

3. Behind this facility you will find a location where wizards can be found in court.

4. From center court, head north towards the row of large trees. Under the trees lies a line of bushes. Find the location where 2 trees were cut down and only stumps remain. Directly north of these in the bush is where you will find “The Wizard”.

Please attempt to hide the box better than you found it as this location can draw many people that may not appreciate letterboxing the way that you an I do.
Also, since this is a pretty public place, please be discreet. There are benches nearby as well as the stumps where you can stamp in. Leave a message in the journal if you wish.
If you want, please let me know when you find the box and it‘s condition.
After you are done, check out the other letterboxes in Northern Colorado.

Planted by Ramdelt.
A handmade stamp, journal.