Emily's Decade  LbNA # 10635 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 4 2004
LocationNampa, ID
Found By A-Bear (&J-Bear)
Last Found Sep 7 2004
Hike Distance?

This box was placed in honor of Emily's 10th birthday party. Her first decade was one full of adventure, mystery and love. I can't wait to see what the next decade holds.

Start: From I-84 take the Garrity exit. Head South until you come to Lakeview Park. "Welcome to Nampa!" Here is where we start.

Clue #1 Birth begins in the belly. Find the big airplane and stand under it's belly. From here we will begin our journey.

Clue #2 Terrible Two's. When we experienced the terrible two's I learned to stop and smell the roses. Take 200 steps, find your favorite rose and enjoy the fragrant gazebo.

Clue #3 Potty Time! Follow the brick path, take a quick potty break get a quick sip of water.

Clue #4 Play Time. Spot a slide? Find one of four that exit the same. Slide down and climb up over the hill to clue #5. (Don't slide towards the picnic tables!)

Clue #5 Apple for the teacher. Find the small orchard of 5 trees beside the cattails. Can you guess what kind of trees they are?

Clue #6 Crossing over. Go to the Twin Weeping Willows Island and stand atop the bridge edged in pink. How many ducks can you see?

Clue #7 Stepping off to school. From the bridge edged in pink, follow the path to the Cascading Stone Steps, 11 to be exact, all surrounded in yellow, red and white.

Clue #8 Finding a friend. From the summit of the Stone Steps find the Lonely Planter,sit, and keep her company.

Clue #9 Standing alone and being unique. From lonely Flowers to Lonely, grassy, Fountains. 30 some steps if I'm correct.

Clue #10 The light of my life! From the Grassy Fountain take 25 long side steps, facing 7th street to the light surrounded by green and orange. At the base of this light you will find Emily's Decade.