Botanical Gardens of Asheville  LbNA # 10665

OwnerKnit Wit    
Placed DateSep 4 2004
LocationAsheville, NC
Found By firefly_snatch
Last Found Mar 20 2011
Hike Distance?

***I have received a message from an official at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville who asked that I add this note to my clues. Individuals have been seen offtrail hunting for letterboxes and/or geocaches. BE AWARE that these two boxes are on trail! No offtrail seeking is required. If you hunt for boxes or caches offtrail in the gardens, you are breaking their rules and my boxes may have to be pulled as a result.***

***Follow the clues as written please so that these boxes can hopefully remain.***

Two stamps in series: Silver Maple and Trillium

Bring your own pen and ink.

Directions to the Botanical Gardens: Take US 19/23 North from I-240 in Asheville. (This route is also marked as Future I-26 West.) Take the exit for the University of North Carolina-Asheville. Turn right. At the second traffic light turn left onto W.T. Weaver Blvd. The Botanical Gardens are the first left off Weaver. Admission is free. Donations welcome. :-) Sorry, dogs and bikes are not allowed in the gardens. Hours are 9 AM to 5 PM.

Clues for the Silver Maple letterbox planted Sept. 4, 2004:

Start at the right-hand side of the parking lot and take the gravel trail down. Look for a tall silver treasure on your left. It is marked with a sign at adult eye level. My wild namesake is signposted at the base. Walk past the treasure and cross the creek without wetting your feet. Follow the path. You will know you are right if your feet take you uphill on a path edged with wood.

The trail narrows between stone walls then passes under a rain shelter. Look on the left for a monument commemorating earthworks built for boys in Gray. Soon through the trees you will sight your goal—if it's raining, take shelter in the dogtrot between the rooms. There are also half-log benches for a rest.

Look for the silver maple's box under the "correct" side of the structure. It sleeps low behind the chimney. Recover well to keep it safe.

Clues to the Trillium LB planted Sept. 29, 2004:

-----Note: This box is gone. I will replace it but it may not be in the same spot. Flooding conditions may have taken the box.-----

From the structure that houses the Silver Maple continue downhill toward the spring house. When you reach the stone bench sized for hobbits on your right, turn to face the spring house. Take the small trail to the right of the spring house which takes you above the seep. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, turn to face the stairs. Look under the left side of the bottom step behind a pile of leaves for the Trillium.

When you rehide this box please make sure that it cannot be seen from the path heading uphill to the steps.

***Be aware that the gardens are popular for photography. Weddings and parties are often held here and it can be quite crowded at times. There are also UNCA dormitories located nearby and the students will cut through the gardens on the way to class. Discretion is key.***