Flood of 1998  LbNA # 10672

Placed DateSep 6 2004
LocationPortsmouth, OH
Found By KingFish
Last Found Sep 13 2013
Hike Distance?

***Alive and well as of Dec. 29, 2004***

The last major flood in Portsmouth was in 1998...actually it was the Spring of 1997, but I didn't realize my error in the date until hours after the placement of the stamp! Oh well...locate the town's largest cemetery on the southeast corner of Offnere and Kinney's Lane. Entering from Kinney's Lane, turn left at the first road veering to the left. Locate the large memorial depicting the crucifixion of Christ, dedicated to the Rector of St. Mary's Church. From the south side of the memorial, take a reading of 165 degrees and walk 55 paces towards a large tree. The correct tree shades a member of the Glockner family. From this tree, take a reading of 225 degrees and walk 21 paces to another tree that shades Opal's lamb. You will find what you seek in a hollow of the tree. Please be discreet and rehide well. This is a beautiful cemetery, so please enjoy the history, but keep in mind that dogs are not permitted, even when leashed.