Skipper's Hiding Place  LbNA # 10702 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 6 2004
LocationSpartanburg, SC
Planted BySomebunny sc    
Found By McHone
Last Found Jul 4 2009
Hike Distance?

Box planted by Bets.

The Journeys of Skipper the Dog.

Skipper finds himself at Croft State Park.

You can stay a whole day at this park. They have a nice new playground, picnic areas and camping. A swimming pool(open in the Summer) Tennis courts, a lake for fishing and boating.Horse trails, lots of hiking trails and also nice roads for biking.Admission is $2/adult 16 and up

Directions to Croft State Park. Take 295 from Spartanburg to Hwy 56.Turn left on Dairy Ridge Rd. Just follow the signs.

After you enter the park you will go three miles and then come to the office and a sign . Turn left at the sign that says campgrounds 26-50 and Lake shelters 2&3

Go park at the far end of the parking lot that is on the lake.

This is where Skipper started his journey to find a place to hide from the artillery fire that was occuring in this area in 1941 for preparation of World War II.

Skipper took the trail that went through some fence posts that were made out of tree logs. He followed the trail until he came to a clearing where it looked like some horses were barrel racing.

He stayed close to the woods as he turned left and continued to follow the trail. He followed the trial as it turned left and went into the woods again.

As he followed the trail he could see he was going around the lake so if he needed water he could get some. He came to a sign on his left that said "Bridge out, due to repairs". He turned left and started down the trail to the Lake to get some water , as he was getting thirsty.

On the left of the trail he saw a little gulley, which would make a good place to hide if he heard any artillery fire. He went down to the lake and got a drink,but he had to find a place to hide fast as he heard some artillery fire. He started back up the hill and jumped into this little gulley. He was able to wiggle under some roots growing at the top and is still hiding there to this day!