Round-About Series  LbNA # 10740

Placed DateSep 4 2004
LocationFredericksburg, VA
Planted By2PAW    
Found By Merlin and Ardea
Last Found Oct 26 2012
Hike Distance?

2PAW Crew

Wilderness Battlefield Exhibit Shelter

From Fredericksburg head West on RT 3 towards Culpeper. Take a right on RT 20 towards Orange. Wilderness Battlefield Exhibit Shelter is on your right.

"The Round-About Series"

You will need a compass and some
knowledge on how to use it.

Box #1 The Gecko's Den
Begin your adventure on the trail behind the handicapped sign next to the shelter. Head towards the woods. Pick up the Blue Blaze trail on your right before the gated fence. This trail will take you to a "T" intersection. Take a right. You will come to a round-about. The box is at the base of the biggest tree in the middle of the round-about.

Box #2 The Frog's Tree House
After replacing box #1 back-track and go passed the original trail on your left. Continue on the bridle path. Stay sharp, I don't want you to miss your turn onto the Blue Blaze hiking trail on your right. Stop and read some interesting facts about the area and continue on (there are many places to stop and read along this trail). Cross over the wood bridge and come to a stop. Do you see the root ball West of you 28 paces in? The box is at the base of the tree that is snug against the fallen tree.

Box #3 The Leafless Tree
Return to the trail you came from and continue on. Again, stop and read some interesting facts about the area and continue on. Cross over multi-purpose trail staying on the Blue Blaze trail. You will come to a multiple trail intersection. Do not step into the intersection. Stop and stand at the very end of the trail you are on. Turn to 350 degrees and take 18 paces. Watch out for the fallen trees! Do you see the broken tree with knobies all over it? The box is at the base of the tree.
Now to return to your vehicle. Go back to the very place where you stepped of the trail. Take the trail at 190 degrees. Turn left at the triple forked double Blue Blazed tree. Come to the fence line and follow the trail out. Hope you had FUN!