Praying Mantis  LbNA # 10747

Placed DateDec 31 1969
Location???, MA
Planted ByDragonfly    
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 17 2014
Hike Distance?

Praying Mantis sat on a leaf, looking quite forlorn

thinking of her lost love, her lonely time to mourn

To think she had no part in this, my friend you'd be mistaken

for the very love she mourns, is the love whose life she has taken

She needed peace and quiet now, away from judging eyes

she sought her solace by the sea, neath blue and rolling skies

Solitude here however was a commodity quite rare

she was not the only one who longed for ocean air

The towns were bustling, busy. Not a quiet spot to be found

Throngs of people everywhere, crowding all around

The town named for a beach-conjurer, too many in the briar

To say she found the peace she sought would mean she was a liar

The town named for lifes beginning was filled with bridges and cars

Other places seemed too close, while others were too far

She wanted to be alone right now, people go away

so she went to find a place where only dead ones lay

So off to another town, named for the homes of cows and horses

It housed a quiet burial ground, at least so said her sources

she found what she was looking for, behind a church along the way

Solitude almost all the time, except of course Sundays

Named for maize remains, upon a modest mound

here is where she was sure her quiet could be found.

First she looked behind the church, with brick and slabs of stone

But with all the church-goers she'd never be alone

So off she set across the street, to look at stones and such,

a quiet space set apart, that isn't asking much

Some families rested together, enclosed in fences and gates

in the corner of one of them Praying Mantis waits

The first one she encounters Crocker is the family name

across from that is Davis, they both look much the same

Diagonally from Davis is the Cobb family plot

It was from here Praying Mantis spied one she liked a lot

The family's name was Bursley, one stone was toppled down

Capt' David Bursley, Jr's stone pointed westward bound

North of Jr's stone was a tree all choked with vines

Next to which a set of stone stairs did decline.

Here is where Praying Mantis sat to lament her love

between the tree and granite slab, with two stones perched above

If you find her resting here, please to be discreet

Sitting on the stone stairs one can be seen from the street

Her resting place is secret now, please keep it always so

Or to penitentiary for murder she would go

Please make sure she can't be seen when upon you leave her

Or maybe next she'll murder you, this time she'll try a cleaver