Niagra Springs  LbNA # 10757 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 6 2004
LocationWendell, ID
Found By dragonrider
Last Found Mar 24 2007
Hike Distance?

The churning icy blue water that tumbles 350 feet down the Snake River canyon walls at 250 cubic feet per second is so spectacular that it has been designated a National Natural Landmark.

Many years ago growing up around here the thing I remember about Niagra Springs is SPIDERS! There was a wooden platform that reached far out across the cascade of water. The cool moist environment must have been a perfect spot for some species of spider-there were thousands of them and they were HUGE! Now, years later, the viewing platform has been modified and made smaller, no longer jetting over the flow of the springs. It's now a much more friendly spot for those of us with spider phobias.

**This is rattlesnake country! Please use caution and use a stick or thick glove when reaching for this box.

TO the Park: Travel time from I-84 is approx. 15 minutes. From I-84, take exit 157 near Wendell and head south toward the Snake River Canyon a few miles. Follow the signs down the steep grade into the canyon.

To the box: Drive past the fish hatchery and park on the first pull off on the left. Stand at the start of a rock path with no rail. The letterbox is directly north under the east side of a large boulder. Don't grab the wrong spider!