Lola's Lookout  LbNA # 10772

Placed Date
LocationSoda Spriings, CA
Planted ByLinda    
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found Jul 8 2008
Hike Distance?

Lola's Lookout is in the Royal Gorge Ski Area system. You will need a trail map to find this box ( The hike is strenuous, but worth the effort. At the lookout you will find a pile of rocks and, if you're fortunate, a Tibetan prayer flag. Please be careful not to disturb the flag or rocks, and please re-place the box under the rocks so it will be protected from the weather.

Lola Montez was a dancer who spent time in the Sierra. When not dancing and entertaining men, she began to devote much of her time to child care and showed great compassion for troubled women. Leading a very colorful life, there are quite a few areas bearing her name. Lola's Lookout is one of them.

gps reading is:
N 39 degrees 17.307
W 120 degrees 22.442

Elevation is 7530