Oh! Where do faries lay their heads  LbNA # 10774

Placed DateOct 19 2009
LocationOkoboji, IA
Found By birdwith3eggs
Last Found Sep 24 2012
Hike Distance?

Do you believe in faries? I do. If you want a chance to look for some I know just the place. It's a little bit outside Spirit Lake, Ia, on Hwy 86 going South, You will see a state park sign for a park with a point, turn East,its a little tricky down around in there but turn North on West St. which will turn into Lakeside Ave, stay on this road until you get to Harpin Ave, go South on Harpen. The entrance isn,t marked but you have to drive up to the parking area, it's right across from the park entrance.
(http://www.stateparks.com/gmaps/curlocation.asp?lat=43.37111&lon=-95.16472&z=8)copy/paste for a good map)
Here is what I know about this park and its fairy population....'There is strange goings on in these woods. Sometimes if you just stop and listen you can hear singing, like the tinkling of tiny bells. I always watch for signs of fairies here, now and then I catch a flutter or movement but as fast as I turn to look it's gone.
As I walk the path im always carefully looking to my left, to my right, always watchful for a glimpse of a tiny flying being.
I sometimes stop at the Scout Commerative and pretend to read but keeping an eye on the woods.
Never have I seen anything this early into the trail though.
I alwayas take the middle path further into the woods, where all my past 'encounters' have occured (Although occasionaly I take the trail to the right and sit quietly at the chapel just hoping for a sighting!)
I continue on, straining my eyes at times as far as I can into the woods, searching for any evidence of the fairies I just know live here.
As I cross over the bridge and stop to watch the flowing water I remind myself that fairies are far to clever to be caught that easily, I know im eventually going to have to explore off trial.
So off I go again keeping to the right, straight ahead taking care not to vear right at #7 post, I've never had an encounter that way.
Thankfully I brought my hike pole it's a pretty hilly terrain with a big hill I hike up. At the top of the hill I can see, up ahead a ways, an open space through the trees.
I head into that area, thinking I might find a fairy ring but no such luck, just some picnic tables and a tree in the middle.
Suddenly...singing and soft laughter, im covered with goosebumps. Is it my imagination...have I found a magical place?
I stop at the tree, acting like im studying the bark and woodpecker holes, listening....it's louder to my right, towards the woods.
I slowly walk that way about 24 steps, I spy a little trail through the bushes up a tiny hill. I follow on that trail and stop to listen at the top.
I hear tiny giggling but it seems to be getting further away now....Have they spotted me? I continue on about 32 steps through a sparcely wooded area. My heart beating so hard and fast...Could today be the day I finaly see a fairy?.....Look over there!...By that log...'

Taken from the journal of my Great Grandmother, this was her last entry. She always told us fairy stories and of her travels searching for them but she would never tell us if she ever saw a fairy that day. When asked she would suddenly get quiet, look away, and seem to just get lost in her memories!

PS. Watch for Trolls by the bridge. I hear they just jump right out at you when you least expect it!

PSS. A New fairy has moved in with the old girl that lives there.
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