Lady's Slipper  LbNA # 10794 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 6 2004
Location42 Barrows Drive, Topsham, ME
Found By sunflowerz
Last Found Apr 20 2009
Hike Distance?

Placed by Deborah
**This box has been replaced as of June 11, 2005. New stamp. New location.**

Easy clues. Easy hike. Dogs and kids welcome. Not great for wheel chairs or strollers.

I remember my mom talking about the one and only time she saw a lady’s slipper as a child hiking with her dad in Minnesota. When we moved to Maine and the neighbors mentioned that there were lady’s slippers in the woods near our home, I was eager to search them out. We went walking in early June and there they were! All over the woods, along the paths, in the shady spots, in groups or all alone. I believe this is an endangered species, so we felt very lucky to see so many. We’d like to share the luck with you. If you’ve never seen this amazing little flower, plan your letterboxing outing for mid June. Of course, check out the box any time of year and celebrate the lady’s slipper.


Park in the parking lot near the play ground at Woodside Elementary School in Topsham, ME.

Keep in mind that this is an elementary school. Please avoid the playground area during recess.

Walk between the playground and the athletic field, up the hill.

Curve slightly to the left around the field and head through the trees to the power line trail just beyond the crest of the hill.

With the field and the playground behind you, turn left and begin walking down the powerline trail.

Eventually, you will come to a trail leading off to the left into the woods. Keep going.

Shortly after you’ll see a trail leading into the trees on the right. Take this trail.

On your right, look for a ring of trees with seven trunks. Plus one fallen trunk and two trunks cut down. Lady's Slipper in nestled in the ring under some leaves and sticks.

Feel free to continue down this path before you turn and around and go back the way you came.

The Boschert Family