Battling Raccoons on Raccoon Hill  LbNA # 10805

Placed DateSep 4 2004
LocationFalls Village, CT
Planted ByRush Gatherer    
Found By teddybearlove
Last Found Oct 5 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is dedicated to all those hardy souls who brave the wild woods alone to place their letterboxes, and to those boxing angels and their faithful companions that must battle giant and ferocious fauna to rescue boxes from the clutches of the untamed wilderness. Legends tell of letterbox battles ensuing with giant raccoons, some five feet tall, no! near as big as a man, that drag boxes miles from their hidden nests.

Battling Raccoons on Raccoon Hill

Driving Directions:
From Rt. 7 in Falls Village, CT take Rt. 126 West into Falls Village Center . Yes, youíll notice, this is a very small village. A lot of people might make fun of the town for itís small size, yet that is specifically itís beauty. Rush Gatherer cherishes her years here as a teen, there are so many unique hidden places.

To get to Raccoon Hill in Falls Village, from Rt. 126, quickly bear left at the slight fork coming into Falls Village center and continue down the main street coming to a T intersection. Turn right down the little hill to the old train trestle overpass. Bear left under the train trestle, past the brick hydro-electric plant, and over the steel bridge.

After crossing the bridge with the Great Falls on your right, bear right and take Sugar Hill Road northwest continuing uphill a ways (sorry for the colloquial distance) to a dirt parking area the left just before a white wooden gate. (The gate might be open, but please park in the area before the gate).

Continue walking, through the gate, down the dirt road. You should find a small AT map box on your left and you will see blue state trail blazes to guide you down the road. Continue, strait down the road passing a house and private road winding to right. You will walk along with an impressive wall to your right.

Follow blue blaze off dirt road to your right Ė this is a foot trail only. Continue on this trail for a ways. When you cross a small stream you should be able to view the AT hut that you need to proceed to.

Follow path to the right of the hut along the stream up to the lime stone spring with white PVC pipe protruding from rocks. Note the large angular rock off to your left. What you seek lay behind and beneath this rock.

This region of Connecticut is known for itís limestone formations and scenic views including the near by Rands View off of the AT trail. You will need to proceed back the way you came.