Painters Pallet  LbNA # 10806 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 11 2004
CountyNew London
LocationNorwich, CT
Planted ByMike    
Found By Delphius
Last Found Oct 31 2005
Hike Distance?

**********after finding this box improperly re-hidden, a couple other of my boxes destroyed, the desicion was made to pull this box for at least the winter. It May or may not be re-placed in the spring. Watch this site for details******************

On a day of rememberance of those that have passed, so is this box placed for a dear departed friend. Billy was an artist; an enemy to no one. He was always able to find the beauty in anything. Thus he would take to the parks, water areas, the beaches and so on just to find a quiet area often to paint the scenery. He was taken from this earth because of an uncaring, vindictive person who felt that everyone should share in his fate.

To find this box you must first find the "Dragonsfire letterbox".
From the parking lot of the "Rose garden" continue up Judd road for about a quarter of a mile. At the intersection of Judd road and Mohegan Park road, bear left onto Mohegan park road. Be careful as this road is winding and narrow. Continue straight past the intersection of Mohegan Park road and Wilderness road; on your left you will see a road with a sign that says "Mohegan Park Center", turn left into here and follow to the far side of the parking lot. Pick a spot to park and head towards the walkway near the pavillion. You will know it's the walkway by the two arches that overhang it at the entrance. Follow up the path and towards the right until you come to the big fountain. Take note of the beautiful surroundings. You are now in the heart of Mohegan Park. From the fountain look for the gazebo amongst the pines near the pond. This will be your starting point. To either side of the gazebo is a walkway; you may go either way as they join together behind it. You will also notice behind the gazebo that as the walkways join they also split again; one goes up a grade and the other follows along the pond. Follow the pathway along the pond and enjoy the beauty. A short way up this walkway you will see another walkway with a red fence along it, descending from the left to join the path you are on. Stop at this intersection. Notice the picturesque view to your left. From this spot take a reading of 275' and find the great oak with a large hole in its trunk. At the base of this oak on the north east side, beneath some rocks you shall find the painters pallet.

Take the time to enjoy Mohegan park and perhaps find some of the other boxes hidden here as well. The Irish wedding box, The indian in the fountain series and the code 1 box are some of the ones here.