Where Were You?  LbNA # 10818

Placed DateSep 11 2004
LocationNewnan, GA
Found By Rose Budz
Last Found Nov 13 2011
Hike Distance?

Where Were You Letterbox

When you stamp in, please use the reverse side of your page to answer the question, "Where were you?"

The “Where Were You?” Letterbox is the first one we’ve placed, and the first in Coweta County! It is also a very special letterbox. Its name is derived from the song by Newnan’s own country music star, Alan Jackson, titled “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)”. It is his tribute to the people who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks three years ago today. This Letterbox is our tribute to those souls… and a reminder of the fragility of the freedom that allows us to go Letterboxing.

Difficulty: A piece of cake
Terrain: Easy as peach pie
Equipment needed: a compass and a stick (more on that later)
Colors: bring black ink pad or marker

The Coweta County Fairgrounds is a fairly new complex that includes fairgrounds (obviously!) a horse arena for rodeos, and a nature center with easy, well-marked walking trails. The nature center is fenced, features clean trails, picnic tables, swings, deck-like overlooks, a pond with a fountain, and outdoor classrooms on the trails. The lack of undergrowth in this fairly small area makes it easy to keep track of the kids should they wander. Overall, it’s very nice place to spend a splendid early September Saturday afternoon. The odd thing is… there was NOBODY there! Just us!

Well… us and the spiders that built their webs across the trails. Suggestion: when you arrive in the wooded area, find a decent stick about four or five feet long and wave it around in front of you as you walk. Hey, it may sound weird, and I’m sure it looks ridiculous, but it’ll save you from being clotheslined by those arachnids!

Anyway, the CC Fairgrounds are on Pine Road, south of Newnan.

From Interstate 85, take exit 41 (Newnan, Moreland, CC Airport). Head north on U.S. 27/29, about 0.4 miles, and turn left onto Pine Road.

From Downtown Newnan’s Court Square, head south on U.S. 27/29, about 3.25 miles, and turn right onto Pine Road.

From points east (Senoia, Griffin, even Peachtree City and Fayetteville), take GA Hwy 16 West to U.S. 27/29, turn right (north), and take an immediate left onto Pine Road.

The CC Fairgrounds are less than a mile up on the left.

The first thing you’ll see is the horse arena. Take the very first right after you pass the arena, and park at the Nature/Wetlands Education Center (there’s a sign).

Get yourself a trail map, or memorize the ones on the signs at the Nature Center. Take the time to explore the trails (really, it won’t take that long). In the long run, your hunt will commence at the Wildlife Overlook in the southwest end of the nature area (on the map, it’s the one way to the left).

Warning: your approach to the hidden area is visible from all around you! Please be inconspicuous if there are other people around!

Head eastward on the Blue Trail away from the Overlook. Stop at the second trail marker. With your compass, orient yourself to about 150. Walk to the tree that has barbed wire around the trunk. Now change your heading to 260. Ahead, you’ll see a strip of orange vinyl tied to a tree branch at eye level (it reads “Wetlands Boundary”). You should see a small streambed in front of you.* Cross the streambed, change your heading back to 150 and walk up the slope to a tree that looks like the number four (with an open rather than closed top). Walk 25 paces (adjust for 36” instep) east, then turn to your right. There is a large, dark log up near the chain link fence. The east end of the log is hollowed out, and that’s where you’ll find the Letterbox!

*If the weather’s been wet, the wetlands may live up to their name. If so, continue heading due west until you can go around the wetlands and cross the stream.