Hawk Hill (Removed)  LbNA # 10840 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 12 2004
LocationSausalito, CA
Planted ByToucan    
Found By Coyotl Clan
Last Found Sep 29 2007
Hike Distance?

**** This box was removed by the ranger.

Hawk Hill is set above the area known as Battery Construction 129. It was a military fortification designed back in 1942 to defend against enemy ships coming into the bay. The project was never official named, manned, or even completed – thus known only by its project number. In 1944 the project was halted when it was determined the threat of a Japanese sea attack was unlikely. And, the forts were determined to be vulnerable to air attacks. Two 1-million pound guns were brought in just before the project was scraped. The barrels were 16 inch in diameter and could accurately shoot 2,100 pound shells a distance of 27 miles. Today, Hawk Hill is much more peaceful. And the home to many migrating raptors.

Starting Point:
The best starting point for this box is from the Bone Doc’s Golden Gate Bridge letterbox. (There are also detailed directions at the bottom of this page) From the Golden Gate Bridge letterbox, jump back in your car (or on your bike) and head to the top of Conzelman. At the top you’ll come to a roundabout. Make sure you turn around here - don’t go down the hill on to the “one-way” road, as you can’t easily get back. After the turn around park on your right side and head for the lower of the two tunnels. You’ll see signs for Hawk Hill Trail above, but DON’T GO THAT WAY! Instead, go down to the second tunnel from the top.

Go through the tunnel (second from the top) and once through that tunnel and slightly to your left you’ll see a second tunnel. Go through that tunnel also. At the end of this tunnel you’ll see a big circular concrete hole. This was the #1 gun emplacement. Continue on the path to a T-intersection until you see a sign to Hawk Hill go right. Watch for an Endangered Species sign on the left. From that sign, walk about 18 paces to a sharp right turn. Before you can go up and see the hawks in flight – you must take a flight of your own. Before taking your flight, look under the first set of three-planks that you would step upon to take this flight. The letterbox is below and to the far left. I’ve wedged some small twigs in between the wooden planks to help hide the box below. Otherwise it would be visible. There is a lot of foot traffic here, so find a moment when you can’t see people in either direction. Then disguise your search to appear like you are tying a shoelace or something.

When replacing this box - make sure the air tight top is securely in place - it doesn't seem to close easily, so you might have to fiddle with it a bit. Also, maybe toss some loose grave on top of the box before sliding it back into place to give it a little extra camouflage. And if you don't mind, kindly make sure there are some sticks in between the planks - on top - to help hide the box. There are a lot of small twigs just to the right of planks for this purpose.

- Once you have the letterbox in hand, there is a park bench back on the trail (just back beyond the T-intersection). It looks like a nice place to sit and doing some stamping.

- For those interested in the raptors, go on up the hill to see them soaring on the surrounding hills. Also, every Saturday & Sunday through October, weather permitting, there is a presentation on top of the hill given by the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory. At noon it is Hawk Talk followed by a bird banding demonstration at 1:00 p.m. Be extra careful accessing the box during these times since there will be many more people in the area.

- Directions from Highway 101: from the North take the Sausalito Exit and go left at the stop sign and right up on Conzelman Road. From the South take Alexander Ave exit loop left under the freeway. Then right on Conzelman Road. Drive to the top. Watch out for cyclist on the drive up and back. This is a favorite for cyclists out enjoying the Marin Headlands, too.